Wind power, many people are enthusiastically jumping on the bandwagon and building their own wind turbines for their home. But is it worth it, Can they really save that much money, Yes, they can. And so can you.

Now I don’t want to give the impression that this form of energy is the do all, end all to your electricity needs. While it is a fantastic way for the average home owner to cut their electric bill by up to 80%, you do have to keep a few points in mind.

First of all, you will likely need more than one turbine to generate enough electricity for your home. Of course that will depend on the size of the turbine you have, and your electricity needs. But generally speaking a homeowner will need several small turbines to generate enough electricity so they can kiss their utility company goodbye.

Another consideration is where you live. Everyplace gets wind but some places, say Chicago, get more. If you live in a location where you don’t get a lot of wind, maybe you have a lot of trees, or you live in a valley, you won’t get as much out of your turbine.

On the other hand, since a wind turbine can be built for a few hundred dollars and since many homeowners see a significant savings from just one turbine, it might still be worth your while to invest in this environmentally friendly, completely renewable, free energy source.

It can be a great family project to construct your very own wind turbine. The kids will learn to appreciate the environment as they grow up.

For anyone who is concerned about the environment, as well as their own financial health, utilizing wind energy can be a very cost effective way to help the planet and yourself.


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