With a rising emphasis on green and eco friendly technology, safe and clean energy has come to the forefront of media coverage. Alternative energy not only promises a different, cleaner approach to powering homes and businesses, but also offers the hope of vast numbers of new jobs to support this growing industry.

Wind Energy

One of the types of alternative energy that already is being utilised by the power industry is wind energy. There are vast wind farms located in California and Texas and there are new wind farms being constructed off the coast of Rhode Island.

The great benefit of this type of safe and clean energy is that the wind is available throughout the entire world. No matter what the geography and what the political landscape, the wind is available just for the taking. Wind energy also is a passive form of energy. This means that the only effort that needs to be made to harness it is to set up wind generators that turn into the wind as it passes by the generator.

Wind power does not need to be harnessed by large wind farms, however. Everyday homeowners can easily install an inexpensive windmill or generator on their property for less than $500 and soon begin harvesting their own wind energy. As a result, many homeowners who take this route discover that they begin to receive a return on their investment in the form of lower or entirely eliminated monthly power bills from their local power utility company.

Solar Energy

Another form of green alternative energy is solar power. Solar power is created when sun energy is collected by solar power cells that move with the sun. The power cells then send the energy to be stored in solar power collectors until it is needed. When it is needed, it is converted to usable power to be used by businesses and homes.

Currently, solar power is used in many common applications including powering home outdoor light systems, powering highway emergency roadside phones and many others. Very often the collector appears to be a flat mirrored object that is attached to equipment. In fact, numerous homes across the country have solar panels installed on the roof and many farms and ranches have solar panels installed in open fields. Also, right now a solar farm is being constructed in the sunny desert of California. This particular project is being watched with interest by the entire power industry because its success may determine future investment in solar collection farms around the entire country.

Wave Power

Wave power is a new and developing form of alternative energy. This type of green power collects energy that is generates by the wave motion out in the ocean. Power generators are stationed off shore to collect the vast amount of power that is the result of the natural movement of ocean currents as waves move across the ocean.


There are several different types of alternative green and ecologically friendly power that are options to destructive fossil fuel based power generation. Among these power sources are wind, solar and wave energy.


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