Going green has gotten a lot of attention lately and it can be a little overwhelming. Is it all about recycling, or is it about using alternative sources of energy, or what, The truth is that anything, big or small, that you do to help the environment can be considered green.

Recycling, driving less, tuning up your car so you don’t use as much gas, all of these things can help. It is small but if everyone did them the outcome would be enormous. These are the simple day to day changes anyone can easily make. It will not only help the planet it will also save you some money.

Things like using alternative sources of renewable energy like wind and solar power are also things you can do that will help the planet and save you money. The difference is that these things are a little bigger in scope: they will make a bigger difference and they will take a little more effort to implement.

So I guess that means you have to decide for yourself what are you ready for, big changes or small changes,

If you’ve chosen to go big here is a little you should know about solar and wind power.

You can make your own home sized wind turbines and solar panels. A small wind turbine will cost around $200 to build and can be put together over a couple of days. You can mount it on your roof or in your yard.

Solar panels can also be built for home use relatively cheaply in a fairly short period of time.

Unless you have a lot of panels and/or a lot of turbines you won’t generate enough electricity for your household needs, but you can still cut your utility bill considerably.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to start off big or small…just start going green today. You’ll save yourself some money and even help out the planet.


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