Taxi-hailing company Uber on Wednesday Maintained that its air taxi can cut travel time at a congested city like Mumbai by 90 percent.Uber Says Its Air Taxi Can Cut Travel Time in Mumbai by 90 Percent
It’d termed Dallas and Los Angeles from the US as the first two cities for its commercial launch of its aerial cab service by 2023 and has been on the lookout to pick an international city as its third partner.
Uber has shortlisted five states – India, Japan, Australia, Brazil, and France – and one of these will host the first Uber Air City outside of the US. Eric Allison, chief executive, Uber Aviation Program, exemplified the 100-minute street journey from town airport in the western suburbs to downtown Churchgate in South Mumbai can come down to ten minutes using the futuristic service.

He added that the cost of flying through the service, which aims to utilize rooftops of high rises and vertical dedicated’skyports’, will be in par with its taxis.

“This is the type of urban liberty game changer that this kind of solution brings. We think that once we’re able to do it at scale as we can drive fully to it together with all the price these VTOL (vertical take-off landing) vehicles create, we can do it at a price comparable to our Uber X price per passenger mile basis,” said Allison.

He gave a presentation on the ceremony, explaining the vehicles used for this are similar to helicopters with multiple rotors which will fly low to maintain the airspace free for jets and have low sound levels.

According to reports, Allison is supposed to meet government officials in New Delhi Thursday for its service. According to the business, it’s targeting to get electric powered vehicles which can fly in congested cities and is hoping for improvements in battery technology for creating around 100km trips. It eventually plans to fly the vehicles automated, sans any motorists, to perform lots of trips across cities.


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