Tesla Says European Model 3 Deliveries From FebruaryTesla Motors said Wednesday it will Start European deliveries of Its Own long-awaited mass-market Model 3 electric Automobile from February.

A spokesperson told AFP the first to take delivery could be customers who had reserved their Model 3 beginning March 2016 if they confirm their purchase by January 1.

The spokesperson said clients would be encouraged to affirm over the coming weeks, starting Wednesday.

Tesla’s mid-size, four-door all-electric family car was first unveiled in its US home base in July last year.

Controversial founder Elon Musk in October explained the Model 3 as”the best-selling auto in america in terms of earnings and the 5th best-selling car in terms of volume.”

Musk, lately forced to step back from the role of chairman over a tweet in which he stated he planned to take the company private, says he wants to make the Model 3, which currently starts at about $50,000 (EUR 44,000), a”mainstream product.”

Using its mid-range battery pack the Model 3 is significantly more compact and lighter compared to the manufacturer’s luxury X and S models and is intended to make Tesla world leader for a manufacturer of electric cars as it scales up production capacity.

Tesla now seems to have overcome production capability concerns that have worried investors for months. Between January and September the firm said global deliveries of all models had attained 126,000 – over 53,000 of those coming in the next quarter.

In case the new can keep that up then deliveries around 2018 are put to hit around 180,000 in comparison with 100,000 last year.

For now, European customers may only have two Model 3 choices.

One is a long-range version providing 544 kilometres (338 miles) on a single charge costing from approximately EUR 60,000 prior to any incentives such as the”eco-bonus” in France value EUR 6,000. A dual-motor Performance model starts from approximately 70,000 euros.

The automaker hasn’t indicated how many Model 3 reservations European customers have made.


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