When Sony first unveiled the H3 to the market, it

staged none of the over the top glitz or glamour

many expected. Held at a tiny theater inside a

Sony office in Tokyo, the event barely even

resembled a minor product launch.

Although many don’t think of Sony as a camera maker,

the company is number 1 in video cameras, holding

on to well over 40 percent of the market. Sony

is a leader in many other industries as well, with

cameras helping to add the icing to the cake.

The HDW is the top of the line camcorder from

Sony. The HDW 900 is capable of recording and

playing back 1080 progressive at 23.98 or 24, 25,

29.97, or 30 frames per second. It can also play

back 50 or 60 fields per second at 1080 interlaced.

The camera also offers a memory stick setup system

that memorizes various parameters and enables instant

recall. Once you set the camera up for the first

time, it will remember the settings then go right

back to the previous parameters at the touch of a


A simple switch operation will enable automatic

adjustment and black set, black balance, and even

white balance. You can quickly and easily shift

colors with the video camera, making it easier to

use than most other high definition video cameras

on the market.

The HDW 900 from Sony will come standard with HD

zoom lens, a tripod, AC power supply, and 3 Anton

Bauer Hytron 100 batteries. With everything it

offers you and everything it comes with right from

the box, the HDW 900 is truly nothing short of

amazing. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect

high definition video camera – rest assured that

the HDW 900 is it.

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