Even though you may think high definition video is

just for your television, it isn’t. You can get

that very same quality on your home movies as well.

You can turn your home movies and precious memories

into works of art with HD.

Amateur home video producers alike will truly love

the high quality of HD. With HDV (high definition

video), you can record superb high definition video

onto a digital video tape.

Benefits of HDV

You don’t really need to understand how HDV works

to truly appreciate the benefits. All you need to

do is spend a few minutes watching a video recorded

on a Sony HDV video camera and you’ll see everything

you need to know.

If you already know about HDV, there are many more

reasons as to why you should pick HDV video cameras:

1. The amazing picture quality of HD is no

longer limited to Hollywood and professionals. You

too can now use HDV technology to capture the

important memories of your life with life like color,

vivid contrast, and amazing HD video.

2. HDV recording offers low noise, high

accuracy, rich, and very vivid color.

3. The sound tracks for HDV use MPEG 1

audio layer 2 digital encoding to give your videos

the sound quality of CDs at a much lower bitrate.

4. HDV uses the same tapes that are already

popular for DV recording, with the recording time

being the same as well.

5. HDV also uses MPEG 2 compression, which

is used in digital broadcasts and also DVDs.

6. HDV uses a higher compression rate than

DV, making it more reliable and less subjectible to


Technology behind HDV

The HDV format handles the same bitrate as the DV

format, although HDV records a high definition

signal. This will allow you to record HD video on

the same tapes used for DV recordings. A signal with

HDV has 4.5 times as much data as a DV signal used

with NTSC. HDV also includes CD quality sound,

MPEG 2 compression, real time encoding, and so much


When compared to other HD formats, HDV is one of

the best, if not the best. Sony has always been

known for quality, which makes HDV no exception to

the rule. This format has been years in the making,

which helps to make it what it is today.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect type of

video camera, rest assured that HDV is it. If

you buy a Sony HDV type camera, you’ll know that

your precious memories will be perfect HD quality –

each and every time.

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