In light of the expanding so called ‘green industry’ there has grown a demand for solar energy jobs. The reality of what the earth and her resources are faced with, has meant that governments the world over have made developing the green alternative a primary focus. They have invested heavily in the green industry to enable research and this means jobs!

This fact is backed up by no lesser organization than the American Solar Energy Society that estimates that there are close to 9 million jobs in the green collar sector and obviously some of those are solar energy jobs. What has also been of help to expanding this number, is the much reported world wide economic slump. Many people, particularly those with the money and the power, have come to conclusion that the way forward is to create and invest in the new and cleaner industries of the future and to move away from the out dated and polluted answers of the past. A new brighter future to dig the economy out of the hole it is in!

The career opportunities for anyone looking for solar energy jobs are varied. An environmental engineer for instances, will typically work with local planners, builders and the like who construct our man made environments. These environmental engineers will ensure that environmental concerns are placed at the forefront of all decisions and plans about buildings and homes, and the way that we construct those buildings and homes. An environmental engineer will also offer guidelines on the types of construction materials used to build. The idea is to make sure that our future living choices are much more environmentally sustainable than our past choices.

Even architects are finding that the green collar job industry has room for them. Sustainable architects will make sure that any new building projects fall within local government rules and guidelines to include solar energy systems in new building constructions.

Clearly then, with this relatively new industry comes new laws and guidelines that national and local governments alike are keen to embrace. Therefore believe it or not, there is a need for lawyers who specialize in these green laws. The demand for a green lawyer has never been greater and anyone who can specialize in this field can really carve out an in demand career.

Solar energy jobs are clearly a growing niche in the green collar job industry. As the major companies of the world become greener, the trend trickles down to small businesses that are too offering viable job opportunities.

All in all it’s safe to say that for many, the way forward is with the future industries rather than the past industries and nothing highlights this more than the growth in green jobs.


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