This digital HD media camera is small, elegant, and

also lightweight. The Sanyo Xacti will beautifully

capture your memories in high definition. The

stylish vertical design offered by the camera will

make it easier for you to keep an arm steady while

you shoot.

2.2″ color OLED

The 2.2″ flip out organic light emmitting diode

screen will offer easier viewing of your recordings,

even in bright sunlight.

Video and pictures

The Xacti will simultaneously shoot 5.1 megapixel

still images and high definition video clips. The

HD1 can also record over 21 minutes of 720 pixel

HD video on a single 1 GB SD care, or well over 42

minutes on a 2 GB card.

MPEG 4 format

The HD1 utilizes the high quality MPEG 4 recording

format which will deliver amazing video clarity and

detail. With the files being conveniently small,

you have the ability to record long, high quality

video clips.

Start up

When you close the LCD screen, the camera will go

into standby mode. Open it back up, and you are

ready to shoot in as little as 2 seconds! The

camera also records straight to SD flash memory

cards, so it will skip the long process of getting

the tape deck started.

Image stabilizer

The image stabilizer will accurately distinguish

between the unintentional camera shake and

deliberate camera movement from pans or tilts. It

will then compensate for the camera shaking to

give you more natural results when you shoot.

Zoom lens

The highly effective and bright 10x optical zoom

lens witha maximum aperture of f/3.5 will allow you

to get up close to the action. Coupled with a 10X

digital zoom, it will give you up to 100X of zooming


Scene modes

You can create breathtaking pictures with the HD1

by selecting the best suited mode to the subject.

The scene selection mode will work for both still

images and video. The modes to choose from include

sports, portrait, landscape, fireworks, and even

night view.

Easy playback

You can share your pictures and video clips with

family and friends in a snap. Multiple connections

will allow for easy television playback, dubbing

to a VCR or DVD recorder, transfer to a PC for DVD

creation, editing, or just posting on the internet.

With everything the Sanya Xacti VPC HD1 has to

offer, it’s perfect for anyone looking for a HD

video camera. You can do many things with this

camera, other than taking pictures or making videos.

If you’ve never experienced a HD video camera, the

Sanya Xacti is certainly one of the first ones you

should check out.

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