Qualcomm Quick Charge for Wireless Power Announced Alongside Qi Interoperability

This announcement was made in MWC 2019, and Qualcomm says the Quick Charge technology for wireless electricity will assist in speeding up the charging procedure on charging pads, provided it meets defined standards. With the support of Quick Charge support, Qualcomm says charging pads are going to be able to deliver speedy electricity, at a’consistent and safety conscious’ manner. Xiaomi has already confirmed that the forthcoming Mi Wireless Charging Pad will include Quick Charge support.

Qualcomm asserts that wireless charging products have been introduced previously that assert Quick Charge support, even though they have not passed through the required Quick Charge compliance procedure. The company has enlarged its own Quick Charge compliance programme to include wireless charging pads in reaction to these issues. The compliance plan has been extended to guarantee interoperability, and that charging pad manufacturers meet both Quick Charge and Qi wireless charging criteria.

Qualcomm says that Xiaomi is going to be the first to set up a Quick Charge compliant wireless power pad shortly.

“We are eager to introduce Quick Charge protocol for wireless electricity in Mi Wireless Charging Pad, complementing our existing line-up of Quick Charge technology-certified battery and wall chargers, and providing our loyal clients the lowest cost times and highest power efficiency potential across their charging options,” Yanteng Wang, direct of charging, Xiaomi, said.

With wireless charging slowly becoming the standard, Qualcomm’s Quick Charge support for Qi-based goods has come at the right moment.


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