PS4 Slim Bundle With Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, GT Sport, Uncharted 4, and More Now in IndiaRegardless of the PS4 Lean Price Increase in India due to an increase in customs duty, Sony has launched a new PS4 Slim Package that includes Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition.
This brand new PS4 Slim bundle price is Rs. 30,990. Contemplating Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition (which features the base game and its downloadable content on disk) has not released in India however, this bundle makes it the only way to get the game.
That being said, we do not recommend buying a new PS4 Slim just for Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition. Like previous PS4 Slim bundles, it is a matter of time before retailers sell the game individually and ideally at a affordable price. Due to being accessible plenty bundles, Uncharted 4 can be obtained for as low as Rs. 1,200 offline however do not expect a replica of Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition bundled with the PS4 Slim to be so cheap only yet. Gadgets 360 has reached out to Sony India to find out if Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition will be available as a standalone purchase on disk and we’ll update this story when we hear from the business.

If you haven’t purchased a PS4 Slim yet and are wanting to get one with the likes of God of War and Spider-Man on the way, this is perhaps the best one from Sony. Reason being, it has three of those PS4’s best games so far. Though we would prefer Uncharted: The Lost Legacy over Uncharted 4, but that is a debate for another post.

With brand new PS4 Lean packs it seems that Sony wants to expand its direct the market. The PS4 has sold close to 250,000 units in India and options like this will simply further the company’s cause.


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