The PS4 Guru may soon make your games look better.
PS4 System Update 5.50 Beta Brings Supersampling to PS4 ProIn accordance with those participating from the PS4 system software upgrade 5.50 beta, supersampling was added as an option to Sony’s iterative console.
Supersampling enables games that support improved textures, anti-aliasing, and resolutions over 1080p to scale into 1080p screens allowing for enhanced picture quality, fewer jagged edges, and a sharper overall experience.

Although most PS4 Pro improved games allow you to choose between better graphics or a higher frame rate or operate with supersampling, this ensures those who don’t now will. It’s an intriguing addition as the Xbox One X has had it since launch, which makes it obvious that Sony is seeking to close the gap from a features standpoint.

However, Sony does note the results of the will differ from game to game. In some cases, the image quality may not be all that greater or the frame rate may be affected.

Even though this is part of the PS4 system program 5.50 beta, then it will be interesting to see if Sony makes it available to a wider audience when 5.50 is prepared for mass consumption, or maybe hold it back for more testing.

This isn’t the first time Sony has brought core, system-level qualities to the PS4 Pro using an upgrade. Last year saw Boost Mode which guaranteed to increase the frame rate in games which weren’t optimised for the PS4 Pro albeit it saw mixed results. How much of an impact supersampling has will probably be a point of controversy in the weeks ahead of time. Till then, here is a list of matches from popular gaming forum ResetEra that encourage supersampling.



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