With luxury internals, a timeless design, and stock Android, the Pixel series is regarded as the genuine Android flagship every year. This past year, but the Pixel 2 array stumbled upon some hardware and software problems and this season is no different. With less than a month because the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL’s launch, several issues related to their audio, memory management, and other software facets have come to light. Image result for Pixel 3, 3 XL Encounter Memory Management
Only last week, the Pixel 3 XL has been reported to have an imbalance in sound coming out from its front-firing stereo speakers, an issue that was probably”by choice” or as a result of difference in size of top and bottom bezels of this smartphone. Many smartphone reviewers on YouTube had pointed out that audio quality in video recordings on both Pixel 3 handsets is inferior and seems tinny.

In a comment to Android Police about the issue, Google stated ,”We created a few advances in the sound recording capacities of Pixel 3, such as allowing stereo recording in landscape mode. To attain this, we selectively de-emphasize some frequencies, which minimises disruptive noises and optimises the resulting sound.

Next, the 4GB RAM on both the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL may just not be enough for an Android flagship in 2018. Memory management issues on the 2 phones have already started popping up as noted by a consumer on this Reddit thread. Another Reddit consumer claims that this issue makes it tough to play with Pokemon Move that requires to remain active in the background for effective gameplay. Last, yet another Reddit thread has this comment -“For premium prices I think there’s an obligation to keep up with the latest standards, and 4GB just isn’t enough anymore. I’m glad the screen is up to date now, but with this matter again this season actually makes me want to send it back.”

Not only Reddit, international smartphone reviewers have also been reporting memory management problems together with the Pixel 3 scope and also have taken to Twitter to share their grievances using the telephones. The many tweets and answers essentially provide us an image that the Pixel phones are”aggressively” killing apps which is a poor thing for a flagship handset at 2018. The insect is so bad that hot YouTube reviewer MKBHD maintained that simply opening the Camera program, while audio is playing in the background, will close and pause the Music app forcing one to launch it and play with your song again.

Lastly, there is still another major software issue using the Pixel 3. Android Police creator Artem Russakovskii took to Twitter last week to say that photographs don’t save on his Pixel 3, similar to something that he noticed on the Pixel 2 XL$43,997 final year. In answers to this tweet, several other reviewers have claimed that multiple photographs taken on the Pixel 3 XL have also been spared in the gallery. One Twitter user additionally notes that he has been experiencing this dilemma since the days of their Nexus 5X. A Reddit thread was also made a week with hundreds of opinions referring to the same issue experienced using the Google Camera app.

Google hasn’t issued a repair or a statement for its memory camera and management issues, but we are optimistic something might arrive shortly. However, a few of these issues influence an insignificant proportion of the overall buyers and isn’t as prevalent as it looks.


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