If you are an amateur photographer or a professional photographer, when you take a shot you want to capture that moment perfectly. Photographs capture those special moments and can give you lifetime memories so when you buy a camera you want one that will give you perfect pictures.

When you are in the market to buy a camera and are comparing different models, all the different features can get quite confusing. Everyone has different wants and different needs in a camera so how do you know which one is the best for your needs,

An optical zoom is a feature that is usually considered when looking for a new digital camera. Other features that you might want to consider are mega pixels, exposure control, user control and even battery life. The zoom features though are one of the main features and if you want to take great photos then you want a camera with a good optical zoom.

What does a zoom actually do,

The zooming effect will magnify they image so that you can get a closer shot of the subject. Even if a subject is a reasonable distance away, a good zoom will be able to magnify it so you can get a good shot. The zoom also helps to focus better on the subject by eliminating unnecessary background.

There are two types of zoom lenses with digital cameras – digital and optical. With a digital zoom lens the pixels are scaled up rather than the image itself being scaled up. With digital zoom it can affect the quality of the picture by giving poor resolution. This is why digital cameras with optical zoom are very popular because with the optical lens you actually bring the subject closer without affecting the number of pixels. Therefore with he optical zoom you still maintain good picture quality.

Professional photographers rely on good quality pictures to earn their income so they don’t want to settle for second best when it comes to camera choice. They need a camera with many features and functions and will also want a camera with high resolution and a large zoom lens. A photographer is very busy taking hundreds of photos when they are hired for a function and they don’t want to spend a lot of time editing and resizing images. Quite often their photos are taken in a hurry and not always with steady hands, so good quality picture taking is of utmost importance in their camera choice. This is why a digital camera with large optical zoom will give great shots without compromising photo quality.

When shopping for a digital camera you will want to consider what you are going to use the camera for and you also need to consider your budget. A digital camera with optical zoom will be more expensive than a camera with a small or no optical zoom. If you can afford a camera with optical zoom it is definitely worth spending that little bit extra for it. Even if you are taking photos of family to put in your scrapbook, you still want those photos to be rich in color, realistic and picture perfect. Your photos are your memories and you want them to be perfect so it is advisable to get a good quality camera with optical zoom.

A digital camera with optical zoom will give you the best value for your money when buying a new camera. It will give you a lifetime of memories that are clear and colorful and will keep you remembering those special moments forever! That has got to be worth paying a little bit extra for!


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