Image result for OnePlus 6TOnePlus 6T$37,999 was launched late last month as a mid-year refresh into the OnePlus 6.
However, as soon as the smartphone went on sale in global markets, including India, some users started reporting a bizarre’static wave’ problem using the screen on their newly bought OnePlus 6T handset. According to several user accounts, a wave of pink/ purple pixel static spreads through the screen at random intervals without a specific program or screen. One of those users indicates that this is could due to some”screen tearing” hardware issue which can be fixed by taking the telephone to an authorised service centre. Let’s get into the facts of the reported OnePlus 6T’static tide’ issue.
The handset’s owners on the ribbon describe the issue as a”single line of pixels using colors purple, white and pink [moving] forward from somewhere in middle of the telephone before it reaches the very top.” Among the users on the thread, first created on November 5, also asserts that the problem happens only when the phone is on a lower feeling of brightness. Another states that the issue has disappeared ever since they upgraded their OnePlus 6T to model A6013_41_181103.

Other people claim that different actions such as pressing the power button in precisely the same period as the Ambient Screen, locking the telephone, and utilizing face unlock replicate the effect, however the conclusion is that this mistake occurs randomly throughout the UI. A brief YouTube movie was submitted by one of those consumers, first reported by Android Police, revealing the matter in activity while accessing the notification centre. Additionally, the insect has occurred for users with the 6GB RAM as well as the 8GB RAM variants. OnePlus hadn’t reacted with a fix in the time of press.


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