“What sets the ‘Omate x Nanoblock’ apart from different smartwatches is the extra security layer offered by the international personal network of Tata Communications MOVE-IoT Connect,” Laurent Le Pen, Founder and CEO, Omate, said in a statement.Omate x Nanoblock Smartwatch for Kids Unveiled With Enhanced Security Features

“It means that parents can keep track and be in touch with their kids in real life but no information on the network could be intercepted by unscrupulous individuals,” he added.

The API-enabled, automatic “MOVE-IoT Connect” platform is completely integrated with Omate’s business processes, giving the company real-time visibility over customers’ data usage patterns and management over tariffs and charging.

The software-defined capacities of “MOVE-IoT Link” also make it effortless for Omate to customise features and content together with children’s needs in mind.

“Through our partnerships and the omnipresent network of Tata Communications MOVE-IoT Join, businesses are able to capture, move and manage information on a worldwide scale, and give individuals the always-connected digital encounters they crave,” said Anthony Bartolo, Chief Product Officer, Tata Communications.

The “Omate x Nanoblock”, the price of that is yet to be announced, will be accessible for pre-order April on www.omate.com.

It will Begin shipping in June in the United States and in Europe in the first Location.


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