T Mobile launched an Android cell phone, the G1, late last year and it has been extremely successful. Despite its name, it is not an extra from Star Wars, although our grandparents would believe it came from outer space.

Android is a Google tool. Don’t Google get everywhere these days and yet only ten ago they were only two geeky students whom nobody took seriously. Bet Yahoo are still kicking themselves. But I digress (again!).

The Android operating system allows you to surf the web. Yes I know you can do that on other phones but this is different. Not only can you carry out a heap of complex computing tasks (and no I am not going to try and explain them!), but you will also be shortly able to film videos AND upload them straight away to YouTube. Somehow I see an increase in the “caught on camera” moments coming, don’t you,

This new T Mobile phone comes in very handy when you are sightseeing as you can use it like a guidebook albeit a very interactive one. Once you launch the program, you use the camera to take a photo of your location. The program knows exactly where you are (via it’s inbuilt GPS and compass). Not only can you receive images of famous nearby landmarks, but you can also get up to date reviews on local restaurants and hotels. How’s that for taking the mystery out of a new location. My hubby would love one but I quite like venturing into the unknown.

However I love the Shop Savvy mode. Now ladies, just imagine walking into any store and seeing the latest must have. With this phone, you can use the camera function to scan the product code and compare the prices both online and at nearby shops. Talk about making shopping easy. You could use the money you save to buy lunch – just ask the phone which one!

You could run the risk of losing your phone to the man in your life though as the Pac Man feature is likely to remind him of his youth.

Those of you who have yet to find the right man or woman and are still dating can use the phone to help keep you safe. T Mobile have incorporated a feature they call BreadCrumbz. Obviously one of their engineers liked Hansel and Gretel. Anyway, with this feature, you can track your movements and send them to your friends. Not a bad idea if you are meeting a new date although you would meet them in a public area wouldn’t you!

For those of you who like messing about with Gimp or other graphic packages, you will like the Picsay feature. You can add funny details to your photos and share them with your friends via Facebook or YouTube or via the email function.

And you can stay in constant contact with people as it has one of the best instant messaging functions on any mobile.

With all this and more, it is hardly any wonder that this new T Mobile phone has been voted top of the charts!


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