Netflix for Nintendo Wii to Shut Down in January 2019Netflix for Your Nintendo Wii will stop working from January 31, 2019.
The streaming agency emailed its viewers this week stating that Nintendo will suspend all video streaming solutions on the Nintendo Wii including Netflix. With the Nintendo Wii Shop station closing on January 30, 2019, this should come as no real surprise. What this means is, other streaming solutions such as Hulu and Amazon Prime Video will not be available on the Nintendo Switch from January 31 either. Considering that the Nintendo Wii first went on sale in 2006, it’s surprising that it has been supported for this long.
Though with Nintendo’s latest console, the Nintendo Switch being tremendously popular, the likes of Netflix have been slow to reply. The hybrid lacks a Netflix app and it just got YouTube last week. Though Hulu and Niconico have been available, it’s far from accessing the level of service that the Nintendo Wii received.

Nintendo Switch owners are now able to download the YouTube app through the Nintendo eShop right now at no charge. If you’re familiar with YouTube on Android TV, you’ll be right at home with YouTube about the Nintendo Switch. Some noteworthy additions include the use of the Joy-Cons or the Nintendo Change Guru Controller to navigate its interface. Touchscreen support is restricted to video playback and you can not swipe it either.

And yes you can sign into to you Google account for full access to subscriptions, history, playlists, and even bought films. Additionally, it supports the Movies Anywhere program so if you have buys from Google Play Movies, VUDU, Amazon, and iTunes too. It’s important to note that the Nintendo Switch YouTube app is 720p in handheld manner and 1080p in docked mode via a compatible display.


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