These days, technology is always available for any

inspiring musician to record, create, and even

duplicate CDs. The duplication of CDs will involve

CD-R media. CD-R media prices have dropped a lot

over the last several years, making them affordable

for anyone who wants to use them.

If your band is ready to start selling CDs, your

best option may be to have your CDs replicated.

Replicated CDs are the same CDs that you’ll find

in music stores by major label artists. They all

have excellent artwork printed on the CD inserts,

nice tray card inserts, screened art on the CD,

and they are even shrink wrapped.

The retail CDs that you buy aren’t duplicated, they

are replicated. This means that an exact replica

of your master CD has been stamped out on all of

the other CDs. If you are serious about selling

your music for profit, replication is the way to


The fact is, most stores simply won’t sell duplicated

CDs. Duplicated CDs can be against the law,

which is the main reason retail stores simply

won’t carry them. Replicated CDs let the stores

know that the CD is legit, and they will almost

always carry those CDs.

For musicians and inspiring bands, CD duplication

can tend to be a bit more expensive than that

of replication. To duplicate CDs, you need a

computer with a CD burner, your CD-R media, cases,

and a lot of man hours.

With CD replication, you can get many more copies,

professional artwork, a barcode for inventory, and

cases included. Replication is obviously to

expensive for those looking to simply back up

pictures and data on a personal computer, although

the prices are just right for musicians looking

to make profit off of their CDs.

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