Microsoft has Finally Published the Expected Photos Companion app for iOS and Android devices.Microsoft Photos Companion App for Android, iOS Lets You Transfer Images Easily to a Windows 10 PC
The new program, which is in testing for some months, is directed to make it easy for Windows 10 users to transfer their videos and photos from mobile devices to the Microsoft Photos app which can be found on their Windows 10 desktopcomputer, notebooks, and tablet computers. It essentially works as a bridge between a Windows 10 PC and mobile devices.
Produced as a Microsoft Garage endeavor, the Photos Companion program uses Wi-Fi connectivity on your phone and PC to establish a link to transfer videos and photos from 1 apparatus to another. Your apparatus need to be on the same Wi-Fi system to permit the transport process. Additionally, a QR code is given in the Windows Photos app that helps you start transferring the information wirelessly.

To bring the QR code onto your own Windows 10 PC’s display, you need to start the Photos program and select Import > From cellular on Wi-Fi. Following that, you need to stage the scanner that can be found on the Photos Companion app at the QR code to begin the transfer. As we mentioned, your devices need to be on the same Wi-Fi network to let you successfully move content. Additionally, if in case the Import from cellular over Wi-Fi option isn’t observable in the Photos app on your Windows computer, you have to permit the Show additional preview attributes option that is available in the Settings section of this Photos app.

Microsoft’s Garage team says at a profiling post that the Photos Companion app has been constructed with students and educators in mind as it would offer a very simple way in a classroom to share media irrespective of network speeds or cellular data charges. However, the program is regarded as useful to anyone “who is seeking to finish an epic video project, send media to a friend’s PC, or only get that one special photo onto their pc so it may be edited and turned into the next great post, cover photo, or demonstration”.

It is important to notice here that while the newest Microsoft program provides you a means to move your memories from cellular devices to your Windows 10 PC, it is not really worthy if you currently have the choice to back up your photos and videos into a cloud support, such as Google Drive, iCloud, as well as Microsoft’s OneDrive. You can easily get your required media by obtaining your cloud account. Additionally, it removes the need of working with the same Wi-Fi network on the mobile device and PC to transfer content that is required using the Photos Companion program.

Having said this, it’s indeed another measure by Microsoft to make its presence felt on mobile devices and is helpful in the event you would like to get all your photos and videos under one roof (read the Photos program).


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