Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday stated that using Artificial Intelligence (AI), bots and robots, productivity will increase, however warned of rising apprehensions of ‘human empowerment’ as the brain and machines could compete directly.


For avoiding this situation, he recommended that AI should be Made in India and Made to Work for India and requested the pupils and teachers to identify the grand challenges facing the country which may be worked out by applications of AI.

Modi made it crystal clear that “the march of technology can’t be at the cost of further increasing the difference between societies over accessibility to technology”.

“The evolution of technology has to be suspended in the integrity of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas’. Technology opens entirely new spheres and sectors for expansion and entirely new paradigms for greater opportunities.

“The road ahead for AI is determined by and will be pushed by ‘Individual Intentions’.

“Can AI help us predict natural calamities? Can it help us detect critical health conditions before they manifest physically? Can AI help our farmers make the right decisions concerning weather, crop and sowing cycles,” he requested the gathering of teachers and pupils.

Modi sought to know whether the mixture of teachers and AI would help bridge the gaps in the teacher-student ratio, which in turn can help deliver quality instruction to each pupil in India, or take superior healthcare to every corner of the nation by enlarging capacities of healthcare employees.

He said the government is of the firm belief which this power of the 21st-century technology, AI, can be utilized to eradicate poverty and disease, and by doing this, prosperity can be caused by the weak and underprivileged sections.


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