Citing the most recent report by the industry research company International Data Corporation (IDC), Lenovo India said on Wednesday it pipped its rivals Samsungand iBall that had 19.9 percent and 17.7 percent market share (Android) respectively, at the next quarter of this fiscal year 2017-18.Lenovo Grabbed Over 30 Percent of Android Tablet Market in India: IDC

“The expansion is a testament of their support from clients and the flourishing market possible. Our purpose is to keep a steady expansion and keep the very best position in the upcoming season too,” said Rahul Agarwal, Managing Director and CEO, Lenovo India.

The market share for Lenovo India from the tablet category (Android) from the next quarter which ended on September 30 was 28.4 percent and also at the first quarter which ended on June 30, was 24.2 percent.

Lenovo India explained that considerable wins in the government and education sectors together with commercial prices from big enterprises contributed to powerful grip in the organization’s tablets industry.

IDC, in its own third-quarter report, stated that Lenovo was followed closely by Acer with 18.6 percent market share where it changed from customer to commercial division which helped it to raise imports to manifolds.

Samsung slipped into third place because its imports grew just 2.9 percent in the quarter.

IBall stood in the fourth place because its imports seen an increase of 25.8 percent. Datawindfell to the fifth place because its market share fell by five percentage points to 12.7 percent.


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