Even though many assume that the mixing of the

seperate audio tracks is the final step, a recording

should always be mastered well in order to sound

great. CD mastering is the final chance for

creative input when you create a compact disc.

After the discs has been mastered, it can be printed,

reproduced, and then sold.

The process of mastering a CD actually involves

several steps. The first step is putting the songs,

or tracks at this point in the correct order. The

length of time between the songs is also adjusted,

along with the editing of the songs. Any unlisted

or secret songs on the CD are normally added at

this point as well.

There are several ways that you can go about

mastering a CD. First of all, the mix can be

sent to a professional CD mastering engineer,

which is what professional musicians normally

decide to do.

The mastering engineers will often work in their

own mastering facilities, which are very different

from standard studios, in the fact that they have

much less gear and are designed for the best

possible playback of the mix as possible in

order to fix anything that’s wrong.

Aside from mastering engineers, CDs can also be

mastered at home using computer software. This

option is normally more realistic for unsigned

artists or musicians who are just starting out

with their music. Depending on the software

quality and skill of the individual doing the

mastering, the CD may turn out perfect or it

may sound very unprofessional.

You can also refer to online CD mastering as

another option. Cds that are mastered online

can be great, as instead of sending a mix to a

mastering engineer, the mix is instead sent

via the Internet. To do this, you’ll need a

high speed Internet connection.

The cheapest way to go about mastering a CD is

with free mastering. Artists and musicians may

choose to use free mastering programs with

demos or other earlier recordings that artists

will use to send to major record labels to

generate some interest in their music.

The major differences with a professional CD

and an amateur recording is normally found in

the mastering. Every song that you hear played

on the radio is thoroughly mastered in order

to sound better.

While you can master using free programs or

your computer, a professional CD mastering

engineer is normally the best way to do business

if your band is looking to make a profit from

your music.

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