“How much does solar power cost,” Is a valid question as people begin to think about making use of this new green, clean, renewable power source.

The truth is that depending on what you install and how you install it, solar power can cost a lot of money. So the way that many people choose to approach this question, is to view the option of using solar power as a long term plan rather than a short term plan. Simply put, over time, the cost of installing the solar energy system to generate power will be recouped over years of using it. This is because as diminishing or non-existent fuel bills become a reality, installed systems will begin to pay for themselves. With really efficient and well planned systems, excess power can be generated and then sold back to the power companies, meaning that the solar energy system can further pay for itself.

What will undoubtedly affect the solar power cost of a system will depend on what you want to do with the power you produce. The costs involved would also be dependent on local conditions such as climate, equipment costs as well as local installation costs. All of which will have an impact on the overall price of making use of solar power.

What is also of importance when calculating cost is the amount of appliances that would need to be powered from the supply, the size of the house and the amount of people who live in the house. All these numbers can be expertly calculated with help from the companies and individuals who specialize in this field.

What is good news though, is that some far thinking governments and agencies are offering people who want to make use of solar power, grants, rebates and tax breaks to do so. These grants often add up to many thousands of dollars which can greatly ease the financial burden and be the deciding factor between going ahead and abandoning a project. So it is very much worth checking out if there are any schemes that you qualify for before you factor in the cost to you.

What might also be of interest is the cost of NOT utilizing solar power. We all know that the earth’s natural resources are rapidly being used up. One day soon – estimated to be as soon as seventy years from now – the oil, coal and gas reserves that have been built up over the life time of the earth, will run out. Not only that, the cost to the environment of using such fuels is great.

With this in mind, perhaps a better question than asking “how much solar power cost” might be “how much does not using solar power cost,”


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