It seems like green is the new black. Everyone is jumping on the green bandwagon, and why not, This is the only planet we have, we might as well take care of it. Another benefit of using green energy is the money you’ll save, and make.

Whether you choose solar, wind, or a combination of the two you can actually make money by using these renewable sources of energy.

Here is a list of 3 different ways you can put money back in your wallet using solar and wind power energy:

1. The first, and most obvious, is cutting your utility bills. Whether you choose to build your own solar panels or wind turbines, both of which can be done easily and cheaply, you will be providing more of your own energy. That is less you have to pay for. Even if you aren’t able to fully supply all of your homes energy needs every little bit can help.

2. Government tax incentives. By using solar and wind, as well as other renewable energy sources, you can receive a tax credit.

3. Depending on how many solar panels or wind turbines you install you might actually be able to generate more energy than you need to run your home. Any excess energy that you produce can actually be sold back to the utility companies.

Not only can you save money, you can get your local utility company to pay you for supplying electricity to their grid. Cool, huh,

If you choose to go green and use green energy to help power your home make sure you keep the above points in mind. It’s a great thing to save the planet, but to be able to make money while saving the planet is even better!


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