Gmail is going to get dynamic. Alphabet Inc’s Google on Tuesday intends to demonstrate an applications programming system that would enable emails to feature continuously upgrading information and increased interactivity.
Representational image. Reuters

Users can see mechanically updated flight data in a booking confirmation email. They could fill out surveys without leaving a message or inspection close-up shots of merchandise in a marketing pitch without opening a browser window.

The envisioned changes are an outgrowth of Google’s AMP project, or hastened mobile pages, Aakash Sahney, a product director overseeing Gmail, stated in a blog post-Tuesday.

AMP is a group of programming intended to make pages load faster by stripping out layers of technology. It has attracted praise from publishers such as Hearst Corp along with the Washington Postfor making their sites more inviting for consumers. But some web developers have voiced concern that Google is getting too much say in how the web operates.

Google is pushing ahead. Other email providers can embrace AMP as well, Google announced as it rips off an AMP-focused conference for software developers in Amsterdam.

The initial version of AMP for email is aimed at mass senders. A retailer, for instance, that sends a weekly sales notice could ensure that recipients view the current cost or availability of an item regardless of when the email is opened.


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