If you plan to use your truck like a car, desiring

quick, quiet acceleration and rarely ever haul a

heavy load and don’t plan to it for a long time,

you may want a gasoline engine. Gas engines run

smoother, fuel is easier to find, and gas

engines start easier in cold weather.

If you plan to use your truck for towing, value

good fuel economy and plan to put plenty of miles

on it, you may want a diesel. The price to buy

a diesel truck is really high, although they can

offer you a lot in return.

Below, you’ll find the leading vehicle manufacturers

and what they offer you.


The 2500 and 3500 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty trucks are

the newest 3/4 and 1 ton trucks on the road. Back

in 2002, the Ram didn’t have enough power with

the 245 HP 9.5L. Dodge promised more powerful

engines for the 2500/3500 platform and they

delivered on that promise.

The new base engine is the 5.7L gasoline V-8

that’s not only the most powerful engine of the

group at 345 HP but also revives the well known

and historical Hemi name.


Ford helped push the 3/4 ton and 1 ton truck

market to where it is today when it introduced

it’s international engineered power stroke

diesel back in 1994. Before 1994, these diesels

were poorly built and no match for the big

inch gasoline engines.

From 1994 to 2002, over 70% of super duty Fords

were sold with the optional 7.3L V-8 diesel

engine. This engine helped to put Ford among

the leaders in diesel trucks, as they had more

than they needed to dominate the market.


The GM 2500/3500 twins Silverado HD and Sierra

HD both come standard with GM’s 6.0L gas engine

V-8. This engine is ideal for 3/4 ton trucks

where towing isn’t a concern. The upgrades

start with the 8.1L gas V-8 that’s based on

Chevrolet’s venerable big block engine.

Over the years, diesel trucks have proven to be

effecient with mileage, great for towing, and

easy on maintenance. Unlike gas engines, diesel

engines do not have spark plugs, which means

you won’t need to get them tuned up near as

much as gasoline engines.

For those who like to haul heavy loads on a

frequent basis, diesel is the way to go. You

can get quite a few miles per gallon, and

diesel trucks are built to go 250,000 miles or

more before the engine needs to be rebuit,

making them a purchase that is more than worth

your money.

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