Facebook’s Location Tracking for Ads Can’t Be Switched Off: Report

You can try but you Can Not hide Appears to be the Headline of Facebook’s Marketing system that utilises users’ location to target Advertisements.
One American researcher recently discovered that there is virtually no way to stop Facebook from attempting to determine your place even if you have switched off Facebook’s accessibility to your location every manner possible. The inability to stop Facebook from monitoring your place for advertisements may not seem as egregious as the organization’s some other recent solitude mishaps but it certainly cements the progressively growing concern that Facebook will always put business interests over consumer privacy.
Aleksandra Korolova, Assistant Professor of Computer Science in University of South California, described on Medium how she found Facebook displaying advertisements targeted to her real location even though she’d no place details on her profile and had used all available location controls to stop the societal giant from tracking her.

Korolova notes that she’d the Location Background function disabled on Facebook and Location Data Availability to get Facebook set for Never on iOS. Additionally, she’d no reference of her current city or any location-tagged photos or articles on her Facebook profile. Despite this, Korolova continued to see advertisements targeted to her residence and work locations.

“The Location Controls provided by Facebook provide an illusion of control over the information that informs one’s ad experience, not actual control,” composed Korolova.

According to her, when other paths are unavailable, Facebook will use information like the IP address to deduce users’ place and target ads based on this.

“We do use IP along with other details like check-ins and current city from the profile. We explain this to individuals, such as within our Privacy Basics website and on the About Facebook Ads website,” Facebook acknowledged to Gizmodo.

The book writes that Facebook quietly shifted an earlier coverage for a part of the business only used the recent place shared via the place services to target advertisements. A (now obsolete) Facebook Business page describing the earlier Facebook coverage was upgraded after the Gizmodo report to note that the coverage was changed back in April 2017. According to Gizmodo, Facebook feels that the rough approximation of place provided by IP information is an acceptable use, leaving the privacy-conscious users into the mercy of VPNs.

When the users have not changed off place monitoring, Facebook utilizes all kinds of tracking signals including Wi-Fi connection and GPS data to gather accurate location about its users. This info is then utilized to show nearly events, local advertisements, news stories, and even electricity the”Safety Check” feature. The company also claims to use the location information to maintain the Facebook accounts protected by identifying suspicious login attempts.


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