Facebook to Make Arbitration for Harassment Claims Optional: ReportFollowing Google’s footsteps, Facebook is also planning to Eliminate its policy of requiring Workers to settle sexual harassment claims made against colleagues in private arbitration alone, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Facebook announced the new policy in an inner post to staff, the report on Friday said.

The rule change allows Facebook workers to pursue sexual harassment claims in court if they wish.

Earlier, Google on Thursday announced that it was making mediation optional for male sexual harassment and sexual assault claims.

Google outlined the new sexual harassment policy after over 20,000 employees staged a global walkouta week in protest against sexual harassment in the business and its improper handling of sexual misbehaviour allegations against top executives.

Facebook following the identical policy today marks a substantial departure from its earlier position in which it defended the compulsory mediation policy as”appropriate”.

The social media giant has also updated its inter-office dating coverage to require any executive at a manager level or over to disclose any romantic connection with another colleague, even if they are not overseeing that worker’s job.

A lot of different companies – including Microsoft, Uber, and Lyft – have dropped forced arbitration clauses from sexual harassment claims, The Verge reported.


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