Facebook Cannot Guarantee Interference-Free EU Elections: Zuckerberg

Facebook is Far Better than it was in 2016 at Handling election interference but cannot guarantee the site will not be used to undermine European Parliament elections in May, Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg said on Tuesday.

Chastened since suspected Russian operatives utilized Facebook and other social media to affect an election that surprisingly brought Donald Trump to power in the USA, Facebook has said it’s ploughed resources and staff into safeguarding the May 26 EU vote.

Zuckerberg stated there’d been lots of important elections since 2016 who were comparatively clean and demonstrated the defences it has built up to protect their integrity.

“We’ve certainly made a great deal of progress… But no, I don’t think anyone can assure in a world where you have nation states which are trying to intervene in elections, there is no single thing we could do and say okay we’ve solved the issue,” Zuckerberg told Irish national broadcaster RTE in an interview.

“This is a continuing arms race where we’re constantly building up our defences and these complex governments will also be evolving their tactics.”

US intelligence agencies concluded that Russia conducted a disinformation and hacking performance to sabotage the American democratic process and help Republican Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Under pressure from EU regulators to do more to safeguard against foreign meddling in the bloc’s upcoming legislative election, Facebook toughened its rules on political advertising in Europe last week.

It also announced plans to ramp up efforts to fight misinformation before the vote and will partner with German news agency DPA to boost its reality checking.

“Here in the EU for the coming elections we’re bringing the entire battery of all of the strategies and tools that functioned very well in a lot of important elections thus far so I have a great deal of confidence,” Zuckerberg said during a trip to Dublin, home to Facebook’s international headquarters.

“But I believe that we need to anticipate that for some of those countries that are out there that are attempting to interfere, they are only going to keep trying, so we will need to keep ahead of that and continue doing this job in order to stay ahead”


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