The advent of digital photography cameras has made taken photos fun and easy. In our very technological world, people are looking for speed and convenience and digital cameras certainly give photographers just that. A digital camera, sometimes known as ‘digicam’ is easier to use than the old film cameras and they are so much more convenient.

Just as the name suggests, digital cameras use digital technology to process images. The images that are taken can be edited on the camera itself. With a digital camera you can view, delete and even change the images you have taken before printing them. Unlike film cameras where all photos on the film need to be printed, with digital cameras you can choose which photos you want to print and which ones are no good, so you aren’t paying for images that aren’t any good. The other advantage to digital cameras is that you can see the photo instantly and can decide whether it is a good photo or whether you should take another. You can also print photos instantly instead of having to wait until the whole film is finished before you can get it processed and printed.

Digital photography cameras have given a whole new approach to point and shoot photography. A feature offered by DSLR, digital single lens reflex, cameras is that when you look through the viewfinder you see the image exactly as it will be in print. With this feature you are able to manipulate the photos with lighting and other affects that will give you that perfect shot you are after.

DSLR cameras are for the more advanced photographer, but if you are an amateur photographer and looking for something easy to use then a simple digital photography camera is the one you’re after. Even a simple digital camera will give many options and features, like portrait, landscape and night setting, to give you the perfect photo.

With digital cameras you also have the added convenience of being able to plug your camera into your computer and upload your photos. Photos can be transferred from your camera to your computer within seconds and can even be uploaded to the internet or emailed to friends. In fact, many people don’t even have physical photo albums anymore but rather have digital albums stored on their computer.

Many digital cameras give you options to change the effects of the photos you are taking. You can change the color and shoot black and white photos, sepia photos or other color effects. Some features can be used when taking photos and other features can be used after the photo is taken. Then you can go one step further and add more effects to your photos when they are uploaded onto your computer. There is photo editing software that you can use to create some very effective images, something that was a lot harder to do with old film cameras.

Photography is no longer just for the professionals. With the introduction of digital cameras there are more and more people with cameras on hand to catch the precious moments in life. With the small size and ease of use, anyone can carry a digital camera and have fun taking lots of pictures with it.


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