I am not making light of the recession when I say that maybe something good will come of it. I know many families are struggling just to keep their head above water, and I feel bad for them. But the fact is that we are all learning new ways, like using wind power, to save money.

Once the economy turns around, and it will eventually, we can all be doing great if we keep on using the money saving habits we started using when things were bad.

If you want to cut your electric bill now, and in the future, building your own wind turbine can help. It’s a simple project you can easily do in a weekend.

A wind turbine is just a more high tech version of a wind mill except now we can convert the energy from the wind into electricity and store it for later use.

Turbines come in different sizes and shapes, you aren’t just stuck with a huge windmill in your backyard. As a matter of fact, many of them can be mounted directly to your roof. Two of my neighbors have recently added them.

You can easily build your own turbine and it won’t cost you more than a few hundred dollars. The parts, and instructions, are readily available online or off. You don’t need any special skills or knowledge either.

One small turbine probably won’t generate all the energy your household needs on a daily basis, but it can cut your electric bill significantly. Many homeowners have seen a savings of over 75%.

Using wind power to save money on your electric bill is an easy, inexpensive thing you can do starting now. Make it your weekend project, build your own wind turbine.


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