Apple is planning to jump into the high-end, noise-cancelling sound marketplace with its own set of wireless, over-ear cans
Technology giant Apple is intending to enter the high-end headset market with its own set of headphones. Headphones and music 16x9The company is actively working on creating headphones in a circumaural form element. Circumaural headphones cover the ear, but do not rest. As formerly reported, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks that the company is likely to launch the headphones in the fourth quarter of the year. We can assume that Apple can launch them alongside another generation of iPhones in the iPhone launch event later this season.

Bloomberg has verified the earlier report. One thing to notice here is that the company has apparently been confronting difficulties with the design of the cans, which is very likely to push the release date. The report also adds that the company is focusing on adding ‘active noise-cancelling’ technologies into the coming headphones.

It’s uncertain what new technologies the company might increase the headphones, but as pointed out in the accounts, Apple can add its W1 Bluetooth pairing processor and Actual Adaptive Noise Cancelling technology that Beats included in its Studio 3 wireless over-ear headphones. The benefit of Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling technologies is that it assesses the fit of their headphones to correct the sound leakage that is brought on by different ear contours, head movement, glasses that the user may wear along with the hair of the user as well as blocking surrounding noise.

The report also adds that the company has been working ‘on-and-off’ about the headphones “within the last year” but it is still probable that Apple will redesign the headset prior to the launching or even cancel the whole plan. There are not any details on the expected pricing of these headphones. But, MacRumors theorized that if Apple sticks with its current pricing strategy, as it did with the HomePod, the headphones might wind up as more costly than its closest rivals.


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