Apple Files Patent for Wireless Charging System With Unique Power SchedulingThe Radio Frequency (RF) based long-time wireless charging is about the lines of wireless electricity programmer Energous that has been recently granted customer security certification for its wireless charging technology from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

“The US Patent and Trademark Office published a set of patent software from Apple that relates to wireless power transports along with a exceptional scheduling system,” Patently Apple reported on Friday.

“Apple’s patent notes that the machine is ‘configured to wirelessly transmit electricity within the wireless energy transfer link’,” the report added.

But it is uncertain if this is actually the equal to “over-the-air” wireless transport.

Wireless power developer Energous and also the Cupertino-based giant have been working together on wireless charging technology since 2014, according to technician site VentureBeat.

Meanwhile, earlier in November, Apple filed a patent application for a yet-unnamed handheld device which may be “opened and closed just like a book”.

“An electronic device might have a flexible portion that enables the device to be folded. The apparatus may have a flexible display. The flexible display may possess a bending area that permits the display to bend along a bend radius when the unit is folded,” stated a patent application published by The US Patent and Trademark Office.


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