Online retailer Amazon has decided not to sell any of the Newest products from Google’s smart home division Nest, once its current Inventory runs out, the Press reported.
Amazon, at a conference call late last year, told Nest that it wouldn’t be listing any of Nest’s brand new products, including smart thermostat and home security products, among others, on its site, the Business Insider reported.Amazon to Stop Selling Google Nest Devices: Report

Following weeks of being migrated to Nest, Amazon advised the company that the directive “came in the top,” something Nest took to imply that it had been handed down by CEO Jeff Bezos.

However, there’s been no direct confirmation on this, ” the report said.

As a consequence of Amazon’s decision, Nest decided to quit selling any of its products through Amazon, which means that the limited number of Nest devices recorded on Amazon are expected to vanish from the site once current stock is sold out.

The company has also determined to eliminate its present set of older products from Amazon since it needed to be able to offer its full portfolio of apparatus, or nothing in any way, the report said.

Amazon’s move marks the latest development in their rocky relationship over the future of the intelligent home.

The internet merchant had tried to market some Google-branded products like the Google Home voice assistant speaker as well as also the company’s Pixel smartphones.

In December 2017, the online merchant said it’d restart sales of their Chromecast streaming device, but hasn’t yet been done yet.

Last summer, Amazon started a Prime Video app for Android, but it is yet to add support for streaming its own content with a Chromecast.

On its own part, Google had eliminated YouTube out of Amazon’s Fire TV streaming goods and the Echo Show/Spot, claiming that Amazon has violated its terms of support with those implementations of the YouTube program.

The two Nest and Amazon have declined to comment, the report said.

Acquisition of Ring, a manufacturer of smart house doorbell and in-home camera, has put Amazon at a significantly better place to integrate its products with Alexa, accelerating its capacity to compete with Google’s own smart house ambitions, the report said.


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