Amazon has added a new feature to its voice-assistant Alexa.

The new messaging feature enables the helper to send text messages (SMS) into a touch saved on the users’ list. The messaging feature has gone live from 31 January about the Alexa devices supporting calling and messaging.

Amazon skills kit. Image: AmazonImage: Amazon

As per a report on TechCrunch, when requested to send a message to your friend or a contact in the list, Alexa will figure out ways to send the message. In the event the receiver doesn’t have an Alexa apparatus the message will be transmitted as a text message (SMS) on their Android smartphones. The feature is limited to Android smartphones at the moment. To begin with all the new features users will need to follow directions that will appear as a pop-up on the Alexa Android app.

Users need to select ‘Contacts’ in the ‘Conversation’ tab of the program and go to ‘My Profile’. Switch on the ‘Send SMS’ attribute in the ‘My profile’ tab in the app and the attribute is about to use.

After turning to the features users are going to have the ability to send voice messages via their Alexa devices. Users need to define the sort of message they want to send to the recipient, which can be ‘Text message’ or ‘Message’. If Alexa is not able to send the message to another Alexa device, then it will send an SMS to the receiver’s smartphone.

The report said that the business is unable to bring the feature on Apple smartphones since the company does not provide their messaging API to third parties.

Amazon lately attracted the radio programme hosted by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Echo devices.


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